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Full Version: Historic Forums 2.0 - 20k+ Posts - 500+ Members - New Custom Theme
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[Image: kGYmrdX.png]

Our forum has grown and grown over the couple months it has been opened. We are now into a next transformation, with a new theme. Upon entering, please read this thread for all information:

Features of the theme:
  • A custom look.
  • Color changer.
  • Profile tabs - Option to close and open them.
  • Side bars - Option to close and open them.
  • User friendly feel and look. (Kinda like Windows 8.)
  • All browser friendly.

Preview of theme:

Profile Page:

Things Historic Forums has:
  • Awards.
  • Points.
  • Contests.
  • Active Forum.
  • Custom features.
  • Groups.
  • Great discussions.
  • Custom staff and group page.
  • Friendly community.
  • Content.

There is more, those are just a few things we have here.

Historic Forums is a friendly community with a great staff team, dedicated to helping you when and if you need it. New members always help the community, more people = more fun, right? Cool Just come on and join in, if you wish. Thanks for reading.
This is a nice site, must join for all Smile
You have a really nice forum. The theme is incredible!
nice site!
The site looks great . I'm still working on mines
Vouch for Historic Forums! Great community!

PS: The ManRod group wants more random people Cool

Edit: Shame it got sold.. But i had a great time here.