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Full Version: Hello, Vorpal86 Here
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Hello all

My name is Kevin Hansen. I'm 35, I live in Texas and work at a pub cooking and singing professional country karaoke Tongue. I love to sing, and pretty darn good might I add. Heh. I like the feel of mybb and use it at my forums.

I'm also registered with MyBBdesign, bbthemes.8ez and of course, now here. I'm an artist, game DEMO maker (yeah, I have only completed 1 full game but started an engine or two, and a few demos)

But more seriously, cooking is just my side job. My real occupation is a certified computer and electronics technician with both an A+ certification and two year degree. I also love to make things, especially games. My forum is about making original resources for Game Makers such as Game Maker, RPGMaker XP and VX. Others may be added soon. I signed up here originally to find some themes for my forum.

If any one is interested in joining up at my forums to create game resources, and work with making games for these makers, please drop in. My forum is;

Thanks, and hope all is well with everyone and enjoy my stay here.
Hey there^^
Welcome Aboard

Angelicgodz- GpGaming Founder