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Full Version: Tabbed Menu Help
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My tabs work for admins but not members and I cant figure out how to change that. This is what the poster wrote.

For members the tabs work but for guests they do not.
If you have tabs with hidden fid's they cannot be the first sorted forum.

What does that mean you ask?

fid 1 (staff hidden)
fid 2 (member only)
fid 3
fid 4

You have 2 tabs...

Tab1 = fid 1, fid 3
Tab2 = fid 2, fid 4

Staff can see the tabs normally because they have access to all forums.

Member will have a problem because they can't see fid 1 and Tab1 has fid1 sorted first. To correct you alter the sort order of fid 1 to be last so that fid 3 is the first sorted.

How do I change the fid order so 3 is first? Every code is correct because I looked from the help post that Evan made. Except no one can use the tabs who are no admin. Admin/mod work fine. Just every other group no.

I pay for a service, that clearly doesnt work. So, I would like help on how to fix it ASAP.
ugh why u do dis
(Apr 05, 2014, 08:49 PM)chepsy99 Wrote: [ -> ]ugh why u do dis

Why do what?
Could you post your index template on the theme?

Mine works with members.
This is it.

Where I did "-snip-" is where my forum link is. I cant post links until I hit 10 posts.