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Full Version: Internal 500 Error for Guests/Not logged SOLVED!!
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Hello, hopefully someone can help me with the following. On my board, every single link you click on gives Internal 500 Error for Guests/Not logged in and I can't figure it out for nothing. User Group Permissions are all set correctly:

Groups--> Guests--> Forums and Posts--> Viewing Options:

Can view board? YES
Can view threads? YES
Can search forums? YES
Can view user profiles? YES

Any help would be much appreciated! Big Grin



For Future Readers who have the same problem: I'd had Friendly Rewrite 'Enabled' and even as 'Automatic Detection' the Error 500 would be shown to a guest. This was due to a line missing in the .htaccess file, in between lines 24 & 25, and I don't know nothing about nothing, but my Host found it and fixed it so I figured I'd let others know cause that's what a forum is in place for. Big Grin