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Full Version: MyBB Plugin Issues
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So I started to add plugins to my forum (v1.6) And some plugins worked and others didn't? I was wondering if someone could help me fix the i don't understand why there not working they are for v1.6 aswell.

Error Message After Clicking Active & Install:

[Image: CSSbE4h.png]

Thank you
someone help me then fuck sake.
Sounds like you got a part into the wrong location..

Remember where you put them and remove them, go back into the Plugins and see if the Plugin is gone, if so I'd leave it out..I am lost at correcting errors..

I went through this a lot trying, until I learned better..

Try not to use foul language in the board..not going to get you help any faster, just get you ignored more..
Which plugin are you trying to use mate ?
It seems like the plugin you are using is incompatible with current MyBB or incompatible with other plugins you are using, you should contact the plugin developer to fix it