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Full Version: Who's BlueVD?
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Just your everyday programmer and *nix administrator.
Getting into more details:
I am a Romanian student currently working as a programmer and server administrator.
I study at the University of Bacau from Romania working hard for a Bachelors Degree in Informatics.
Areas of expertise include:
Delphi (Object Pascal) programming;
PHP programming;
Design & WebDesign;
Linux (Mandriva, Fedora Core) & Unix (Solaris) administration;
And a few others.

Real name: Andrei Iscu;
Age: 20 years (and still counting);
Preferences and hobbies: computers and everything related, sports (volleyball, cycling, mountain climbing, basketball, ice skating), music (old retro stuff like Queen), and others.
Supporter of: AMD, ATi, OpenSource, Linux & Unix, Mozilla.
Vicious enemy of: Closed Source, NVIDIA, Intel, Microsoft (heh, not to nice, but it's the truth; ATi is better, AMD rules (I still like my old K6 II) and Microsoft ain't getting better).

In the spirit of OpenSource and it's idea I tend to offer a lot of free support for people with pc problems and such.
Nice to meet you all.