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Full Version: Who am I?
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Hi all, new to myBB and loving it so far
Hey Jesse nice to meet you, my name is Jesse too XD.
Nice to meet you, see you around Smile
Hello all.....

Great to be a member of your Forum.....
I am NEW to MyBB and learning to setup a forum,
I have a Test Site up and running and learning to do the templates and plugins etc, having fun so far Smile

Im from the UK and good to see you all.

I am Mark Wyke from Pc Paramedics in the Uk and i am here to sort out my spammed forum
I am new to MyBB too...I am really enjoying it so far Smile
Hi, I'm Robert. I have a MyBB forum at Originally it was dedicated to sprite comics and hosted by invision free, but it's become more generalized and moved to it's own domain.
Hey Jesse! I'm Jordan & I'm from the United Kingdom. We have appalling weather over here. What's it like where you are?
Anyway, I own

Glad to meet you!
Hello, mybbcentral!

My name is Zip0, and I love MyBB!
I'm going to stick around here to explore and hopefully, get to know new people :-)

What should I do after paying for registration
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