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Full Version: Newest Userbar ( FK style )
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Made this for a Group on forumkorner, but they wanted something different so i might give these away or sell them, what do you think?

[Image: b238c0b96531c10bfd81c8a826088993.png]

[Image: 06825fdd5f5ddde5312ba559e9bc0366.png]
I also come from FK I like it. I think the top one looks a little weird though.
Well, I can help you


thank you so much
Huh ? I don't understand last 2 posts.
Interesting userbars, a bit big in my opinion but that is my personal taste.
thanks awesome, well done
Personally I think those userbars are just ugly, no offence but damn I'd never use those.
The userbar looks a bit too big
Looks great!
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