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MyBB Version: MyBB 1.2.*
New Settings: 3 [ New Group : Thread With Prefix Settings ]
New Templates: 1 [ newthread_twt_tags ]
DB Changes: 0
File Changes: 0
Files: 2
  • ./admin/twt.php
  • ./inc/plugins/twt.php
  • ./inc/plugins/upgrade_twt.php
Images: 2
  • ./images/ok_sign.gif
  • ./images/delete.gif
  • Upload ./inc/plugins/twt.php into your ./inc/plugins/ folder
  • Upload ./images/ content in your ./images/ folder
  • Upload ./admin/twt.php into your ./admin/ folder
  • Go to your PluginManager and Activate the "Thread With Prefix" Plugin.Plugin.
  • Possibility to add prefixes ? [YesNo]
  • Format of the Prefix. Default : [ {tag} ]
  • Setting where you can fill in FIDs where tags MUST be used.
- ACP Side
* Possibility to add prefixes to your threads; you can set them per usergroup and per forum.
* New link in your ACP - Forums - Thread Prefix Setup
- UserSide
* When you create a thread it checks if there are any tags for your usergroup, if so ... it will create a dropdown where you can select one.
* After submitting your thread it will come up like this [ {selected_tag} ] {thread_subject} .
[Image: twt_new.jpg]
[Image: twt_add.jpg]
Tested On: MyBB 1.2.13
If you have v1.0; reupload ./inc/plugins/twt.php and upload ./inc/plugins/update_twt.php; ( v2.0b package! ) go to your pluginmanager and activate the update module. Once activated succesfully; the new setting has been created. You can now deactivate the update module and delete it.

v3.0 has the option to edit tags on the editpost page. If you have a previous version (=> v2.0b; if you have still 1.0 do the other upgrade first), upload the update_twt.php file and activate it ... then overwrite the ./inc/plugins/twt.php file
Funny I was thinking about making this.
Have it for quiet a while now =P Since 25-11-2007 to be exactly Wink
Gonna build in more 'checks'; when no groups or forums are selected and stuff, when i find the time.
I didn't think this would be needed on my site, but then it hit me that it could come in handy where members either want to discuss a story, post a link to a story or just post an excerpt. This would make it easier for everyone to know what was in each thread. Cool!
Thread prefixes are also great for support areas and buy,sell,trade sections too.
Hmm...when you edit a post in one of the selected forums that doesn't have a tag, it doesn't give you the option to add one. Guess I'll have to manually go through and add great otherwise. Big Grin
Yeah some asked for that too =P Also when you edit a post that already has a prefix; why can't i select another one ? Well; cause i think it aint necessary =P You can manually change it quicker than with coding =P
You're such a chameleon, Lex! People ask for something, and you can whip it out in a second, but you're such a stickler for other things! LOL Tongue
Thanks, awesome mod

If i can suggest small things:
* (In my mind) prefix shouldn't be shown on index page, it's should be hidden.
* Allow prefix edit within edit thread.
* [TAG] shouldn't be link able.

(in general: tag shouldn't be attached into the title, it's should be {tag} {thread})

Thanks again. Smile
* Why? And since i don't share your opinion => no;
* No; you can change it manually faster as with coding (second time)
* Wth? Its part of the threadtitle.
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