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Full Version: league script needed
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i need a script to manage football league in my country.can anyone help me out?
Can you give a better description please?
i would need something like script but a little bit simpler than that one.i just have the ability to manage the league of a country.(my country) and help?
Something like this ? ; the ACP you saw already i think =P
yeah something like that but i not want to integrate it to mybb(not a plugin).i want a script like that one that stands alone.but i could use urs lex for my present board.please i still need more suggestion
If you want a stand-alone script, this probably aint the right place to ask =P
I only do mybb-related things =P
Look for ladder scripts at hotscripts.

And asking for scripts that are run at very large expensive sites is sort of dorky. I want a site like yahoo! Can you make me one? Sounds kind of silly don't it.
thanks for the suggestion i would check it out.about silly question,i only needed something close to that.

and lex,

this is off topic which means i can discuss anything here.
sorry i didnt get any.
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