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Full Version: Another Introduction Thread
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Yep, another introduction thread.

I currently host 4 MyBB forum installations. All installations are role-playing themed. I came here to see if any of the plugins have been updated to 1.8, but judging by the looks of the forum, it seems to be a no. I had thought I registered here before, but when I had attempted to log in, I couldn't log in. I had attempted to recover an account, but all email addresses that I use didn't work. So, I just re-registered, and it turns out my username was available. (Or maybe I didn't register? But I have a plugin from here, so not sure exactly what happened.)

Anyways, I was modifying a plugin (Dice Roll v1.1) and was attempting to condense it (two functions that do the exact same thing) and add a new feature (roll dice when posting a new thread) for each of my forums, but somewhere along the way it broke between the tweaks needed based on each board. Came here to download a new unmodified version to compare and figure out what happened, since it had worked before on 1.8.

EDIT: and it looks like it will end at just simply viewing the thread. Guess I'll have to look elsewhere and find a new dice rolling plugin since I can't download it Dice Roll v1.1.
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