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Full Version: [t] Manual Template Changes for Plugins
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Just saw another thread of this well known problem.
'I installed a plugin; activated it but it doesn't show up. What should i do ?'
What to do:
  • Open the pluginfile
  • Do a search in your pluginfile for 'find_replace_templatesets'
            find_replace_templatesets("index", '#{\$header}#', "{\$header}{\$bets}");
    Once you found one; you can start to figure out what template you need to change; which line/word/... to look for and what to replace it with.
    Template / Find / Replace By
    find_replace_templatesets("index", '#{$header}#', "{$header}{$bets}");
    Template / Find / Replace By
    find_replace_templatesets("index", '#'.preg_quote('{$forums}').'#', '{$forums}{$bhuz}');
    Note: You mostly gonna find {\$header} and such in the find_replace_templatesets function instead of {$header}; but the escape (\) is needed when you want too use that function. It wont be in your templates.
    Note: Do the replacements for all your Themes!
  • If it still doesn't work after doing the replacements manually; start a new thread =P
can you give us sample of plugin?so i can directly practice with you.
please 1.2.12 plugin will you

No answer Lex?Sad

You can download any plugin that might have templates changes.