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Full Version: How to Make Money from Forums[New 2015][10 Methods]
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Quote:Most of the successful webmaster start their community with the idea of serving a purpose to the internet world, which results in a successful forum. But while running the community, making money is also a important concern because there are lots of issues they can face, such as High server cost, DDoS Protection, Domain renewals , plugins developments, staff payments, community services and lots more which is now allowed in everyone pocket. Which results in the distressed webmasters and ultimately it results in closing down the community. Making Money From Forum

If you are also having such issues than we have found 10 ways to help you earn extra money from your forum and hence a source of income as well :-
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Fortune Cookie

Would be cool to make some money off forums!
i hope its legit but all those ebooks are fake
For advertisements, you'd have to think about how this will affect the look of your forum. Too many can be bad.
I agree with GreezyEps...