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Full Version: image thread and post moderation mybb 1.8.x
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First of all sorry for my por english...

I am new on Mybb, have two doubts that i tried to find how to solve it Googeling and on support Forums, but unfortunelately i have not found the solution.

I have this forum:

Question 1:

I am traying to find how add an image to the thread (i am attaching a screenshot and marked with red circle where exactly i would like to add the image), but i cant find any plugin, maybe it is posible editing css.. if so.. which css should a edit to add the image?

[Image: imagenforo.jpg]
Question 2:

I wonder if it is posible to let users write a post in one specfic Sub-forum but dont show the post in the forum untill the post is reviewed and actived by a moderator or administrator.. is that posible?

Thank you very much for your help!!
i think you add that to the index template on top near the header