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This is my new site. Click thread design to join.
[Image: 8k3xVU.png]
Seems like a nice site, i like the .gif header
(Jun 27, 2015, 08:32 AM)Kify Wrote: [ -> ]Seems like a nice site, i like the .gif header

Thanks, Kify.

Feel free to join. We are hosting a $10 contest that just started yesterday and ends 7/3/15. You still have a good chance of winning!
There has been a lot of updates in 4 days - since the initial release. I've added a vertical postbit, I've added new awards, edited the theme, have some different plugins installed, and of course we have a contest.
There has been a theme update you all!

Alerts / MentionMe / New Awards / Premium Theme.

You can upgrade for FREE using our Tokens "NewPoints system".

Basically a version two of our site. Adding more and more everyday!