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Full Version: This page is not Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional!
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Failed validation, 48 Errors

Failed validation, 5 Errors

How repair ?
Default mybb validates so whatever you changed will have to be fixed.

I see that one error is you having the navigation div inside a span tag. You can't do that. Change the span to a div.
labrocca please examlpe, my english isn't very well....
You may want to find a polish mybb site to assist you.
Polish mybb isn't useful Smile

I did it And i have got only 4 errors. How can i fixed there ?
Quote:<div class="expcolimage"></a></div>

Delete the </a>

Quote:<div><strong></center>Reklama widoczna tylko dla osób niezarejestrowanych</cente

Your first center tag should be "<center>Reklama" not "</center>Reklama".