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Full Version: MyBB 1.8.x series category and forums?
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I know that although 1.8.x has only been out for a short time, will there by any additions of this forum where the 1.8.x category is added along with all of it's forums?

Labrocca doesn't care about this forum anymore he won't be adding a 1.8x.
I don't think so, we should wait for words from Labrocca only. He may have future plans.
Ah thanks, I didn't notice how dead this place really was until after I posted this. Sad to see a once big community kind of die off slowly without any word or help from anyone.

Thanks for the replies though guys!
Yeah, wish there were going to be 1.8.x versions of the plugins.
Shame really, such alot of good plugins tbh..
Same, I support this, so sad Sad.
were release 18*