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Full Version: Hello there, I am Paradise.
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I am Paradise.

Hello everyone. I have joined here and would love to get to know everyone of the wonderful MyBB community.
I didn't come here only for the mods and such this forum provides. I came to become a part of the community and contribute by giving feedback on plugins, reporting any errors in plugins, helping others out with whatever they need, and generally talking with others.

Some may know me from LeakForum/RealityForum/etc.
If so, this is me. ^-^

I have started up a new forum, as well. > can't post links yet.
One reason I joined to receive help if I ever need it.

Cheers.  Tongue
Welcome! You'll have fun here just as everyone else has/is, hope that you are able to enjoy giving feedback and helping those with issues relating to their MyBB forum.