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Hello,I have made a phpbb2 website,at forummotion and I have a question.
How do I put a Latest Threads thing on it.
What I mean is on the homepage,I want a box,and in the box there is the latest threads/posts/topics

This is NOT my website.I don't know who's website this is:
But scroll down,did you see the Latest Topics box.
Yea,I want something like that.
P.S:I also am on Darkbb.
This is MyBB.
Hey Zizipo...if you want general forum help I suggest my other site.

Yeah sorry to point you here...I thought you wanted to know about mybb stuff.

Also just tell ya now. I haven't used phpbb3 and I don't know anything about formotion's setup.

I was thinking I might setup a site there to see what admincp controls they offer. Do they offer any FTP access or file uploads?
Nop,it is not like Mybb,it's better,you don't need FTP,you can upload.