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Full Version: How do I find GID's (Group Identity Numbers)?
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I have recently added a bit of code in my website to allow googlebot to search certain restricted areas of the site, this involved creating a special user group (bots) just for webcrawlers. Part of installing this feature involved changing the GID to whatever the GID of the usergroup I had made for it was. Currently at a guess it has moderator priveledges! I know this is NOT a good think, because it i a big security issue and googlebot might accidentally damage my forum. I would like to fix this as soon as possible but cannot find my GID the the 'bots' group! I have spent ages looking through 'usergroups.php' to try and find the GID but can only find GID=" ' " several times within the file. Please help!
Thank you for that. I needed it for the HTML permissions plugin.
WOW! thanks,I cudnt find that, its LOADS easier than I expected!