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Startupbin - Startups and Ideas Forum

Hello everyone,
I have decided to create a small community for Startups.
It will be a place where users can ask any questions related to startups, funding, approaching vc's, creating web based startups and getting review about their startups.
Startupbin is based on MyBB Forum software with no ads or upgrade process. It is a simple forum with one aim, to help everyone who has questions related to startups.
Our current forum stats are as below :-
StartupBin has 153 member
Our Newest Member Dan
We have total number of Threads 297
We have total number of Posts 311

If you have interest in startups and are looking forward to learning more about startup industry, feel free to join startupbin.

Nice little forum dude.

(Aug 02, 2016, 07:21 PM)God777 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice little forum dude.


Thanks God Wink
Good luck with the forum!
Nice little forum dude.Good luck
Good luck with the forums.
is this a Chinese forum?
good luck on the community mate.