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URL: www. ogflip .com (remove spaces).


OG FLIP is dedicated for all those who host virtual services/offerings or who are interested in purchasing such things. We're a brand new community, 3 days old (as of /01/08/2016) which was used for beta testing. Within that time we've managed to achieve 600 or so members. I'd like to point out in bullet points of what there is to come within the weeks to follow.
  • Premium Domain Name (OGFLIP is TEMP).
  • Custom Theme (By Dynaxel) - Dark.
  • Custom Plugins
  • + More.
Everything right now is literally temporary. We wasn't going to launch the forum until we had our custom theme implemented but ah well. 

This forum has great potential due to the fact that it'll have a wider range of potential buyer/sellers for your advantage in the months to follow. A few of my friends have been looking for something like this for a while, I've told them about HF but they're scared of the word "Hack" within that phrase. Which is nothing to be scared of, but I see where they're coming from. So hopefully that sort of audience will help in our favour. Advertising will pay a big role & we have experts on board to help, aswell as the funds. I'd also like to point out that no black hat activities are allowed on OG FLIP.

We're not begging you to join, but feel free to register and check it out. After all the more places you advertise your service the better for business right? Worth a shot. 

Good job your forum blow up
You are interested in me. Thank you for the information.