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MyBB Version: MyBB 1.2.*
New Settings: 2 [ Show Thread Options ]
New Templates: 0
DB Changes: 1 [New Column In Threads Table]
File Changes: 0
Files: 1
  • ./inc/plugins/btb.php
Images: 1
  • ./images/english/bump.gif
  • Upload ./images/english/bump.gif into every /images/<language>/ folder
  • Upload ./inc/plugins/btb.php into your ./inc/plugins/ folder
  • Go to your PluginManager and Activate the "Bump Thread Button" Plugin.
  • Status [ Show? Yes/No ]
  • After How Many Hours Can Users Bump A Thread [ 24 ]
* If a thread hasn't got any replies after x hours; the threadstarter will see a button (screenshot) which he/she can press to bump the thread.
Lastpost time will be set to the actual time and the lastpost column gets updated; so your thread will be first in the list (again) and visible in the lastpost-column in your index page.

[Image: mybump.jpg]
Tested On: MyBB 1.2.13
Thanks Lex, this is useful for those who can't get their threads answered because they were too quickly bumped down or to the next page where they are not as easily viewable.

This would be a rather encouraged method than double posting and cleaner as well. Is there a way to set time between bumps, a user can only bump his/her thread after x amount of minutes/hours?
Xtreme2damax Wrote:Is there a way to set time between bumps, a user can only bump his/her thread after x amount of minutes/hours?

You have to edit the file; but a setting would be better for it; since not everyone is capable of changing 2 things in a file =P
Hang on; will update the file.

Update >
* Deactivate
* Overwrite the plugin file
* Activate ( you should have a new setting in the Show Thread Options where you can specify the 'hours' )
Hey again LeX, I just wanted to let you know one of my staff members came across an issue with the Mybump plugin.

This is his exact words along with a screenshot:

"Strange issue when Clicking "Mark All Forums Read" at the bottom of the forum:"

Is this normal?
No aint normal; but that's cause misc_start is a stupid hook =P
Reupload the plugin file.
is there a way to only let staff bump a thread?
Define staff ? Admins only ?
Can you give me the GroupIDs ? Then i will change the file for you.
4 and 8

ohliam Wrote:4 and 8


Overwrite yours with the attached one.
Quote:Error While Bumping This Thread; Seems Like You've Bumped It Within The Previous 1 hours Already.

Why does it say this even when I bumped it like 2 days ago?
it only lets you bump the same thread once then it keeps saying this.
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