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Full Version: Any opinions about this site?
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That's pretty much my main mybb site. Any criticism will be taken.
This is a very good site. The design is nice and clean and goes well with the content and theme of the site. Its the actual content that I liked the most. I first saw it from a link from MyBB and then spent hours reading all the posts. Very interesting! I havent joined yet, I was very happy just reading all the posts initially Big Grin

A 9 out of 10 from me!
Mmmmmm it's good but too simple maybe...
Dang old thread with my first mybb site. Smile

I was thinking of revamping the layout soon too.
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This thread was started over 3 years ago. I sold the site about 18 months ago...maybe 2 years even.
lmao, it was a nice domain though.
Not as good as my other politics forum domain. Smile
Congrats on finding that one lol. I assume you hand reg'd it. I would definitely consider developing, especially with the current state of political awareness.
Hand reg? lol..hardly. I buy and sell domains for many thousands of dollars every year. I paid $3000 for it. wasn't hand reg either but I believe I only paid about $75 for it. <-- my domains
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