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Baja's Lab the Ultimate Tech Community
Baja's Lab is a community where people from anywhere can talk about games, computers, coding & development, project showcases, reviews, and more!
We packed a lot of features into our forums.

Feature Tour
- Custom Profile Backgrounds (FreeToUse)
- Custom User Styles (Premium)
- Beautiful & Sleek Format
- Powerful Resource System Attached to Posts
- Moderation System
- Support Ticket System
- Custom Forum Themes
- Status Messages (FreeToUse)
- 2000 PM Message Cap (FreeToUse)
- Signature & Avatar (FreeToUse)
- Profile Comments System(FreeToUse)
- Advanced Friend System
- Custom Group Banners

Planned Features:
- Premium Subscriptions($2.99/Month U.S.)
- URL Safelink System
- User Advertisement System (User Generated Ads, Not Google Ads)
- More Forum Topics (Per Suggestion)

*We are hiring Baja's Lab staff members. Anyone is welcome to apply! Looking for responsible active members.*


*1080p Photos, fast internet recommended. Data/Internet usage alert.*

[Image: R0wZP6Q.png]
[Image: rU1UKRe.png]

Hope to see you on http:///!
Please comment your suggestions & feedback or use the suggestion forum on Baja's Lab