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Full Version: How to remove this?
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I am having a hard time in removing this 1

[Image: 84037651ge7.jpg]

Threads 252(1) that "1"

Would appreciate if some one can help.

That's number represents 'upapproved threads' ; go into your ACP - Moderation Queue - Threads Only ... or if you don't want the number at all even if there are unapproved threads open your forumbit_depth2_forum template and remove {$unapproved['unapproved_threads']}
Hi thx for the reply. This 1 has been bugging me from the past couple of months. LOL. Ok I did as you said and got the following message.

ACP ----> Moderation Queue ----> Threads Only ----> There are currently no threads awaiting moderation.
Checked posts ----> Posts Only
Checked Threads and Posts ----> There are currently no threads or posts awaiting moderation.
Then do a 'Forum Counters' Recount;
Wow that helped me. Thank you very much.