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Full Version: Recount points?
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I have set it so there is a 150 character min and I recounted all forum points and people even get points for posts under 150 characters.

How do I get it so it resets so they only get the points for posts over 150 characters?
Open ./admin/myps.php

PHP Code:
                $meslength += strlen($message); 

Add Above
PHP Code:
                if(my_strlen($message) < intval($mybb->settings['myps_minchar']))

After you've changed it and uploaded the file; do a recount.
Note: Untested;
There should probably be those if statements above a lot of the recount variables, since I noticed long ago that the recount doesn't take into account many of the exceptions and minimum settings. For example the groups that aren't supposed to be able to earn MYPS. They will during a recount.
Yeah it will totally be rewritten for mybb 1.4. There will be a lot of optimizing. It's hard to write code you know will need to be redone for 1.4.