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Full Version: Will there be?
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Will there be many new addons for shops?

As I think Sticky Tread, Username Change, Username Colour change, User Title Change, Maybe even a market place would be good for it.
That reminds me, Lex. How is your shop mod coming along?
Yes...more addons for 1.4 version of MYPS. We have some of the features already that Lex released.
judel Wrote:That reminds me, Lex. How is your shop mod coming along?

Haven't been working on it lately; a demo of what i have so far is on my forum (still the same as couple of months back) =P But you've probably seen that already =D
Yeah, I've seen that already. Looks good so far, but there doesn't seem to be a general list of other members' shops. Unless I just didn't find it?
This ? >

Note: just dont press 'Purchase',the only thing it will return is a jscript error =P
Oh, so you just leave off the number at the end. That should actually be the default link. LOL
hope will be more features later..