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Full Version: Webmaster Forum ! Please Rate
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I'm really proud of using mybb on my newest forum, a forum made for webmasters !

I'm still using the default theme so if you could give me some advices about themes and templates... :|
Well, considering it's in another language, most of us won't even be able to rate the categories or the content. As far as the theme, there are many available. You just need to look through them and find a few that you like, but yes, you do need to get away from the default.
well, i'm still a beginner with mybb, so can you tell me what theme do you think is the best for my forum ? i would like a simple and professional theme Wink

For themes try

And as a new site with a default theme I can't say much to critique it.
OKEY ! i'll try to find a good theme for this forum...
Btw, your forum icons are nice Smile