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Full Version: webmasters help needed
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i designed a site for a school last year and now they are asking me to make the site result checking enabled.please i would like someone to help me with a script that could do something see,i asked rcpalace to help me out but was told he his busy.i would urgently need this script as the school concerned are disturbing me to do it for them.any idea?
"site result checking enabled"? Explain in more detail please.
you see laborraca,the school want thier termly result for students to be posted online so that the students could use thier user name and passowrd or a pin/exam number to check the result.I just need a script that could do such for me.
That's a simple login script you need then.

You would need a database with a usertable that would include their username and password.

You would also need a table for their grades. You can have these in the same table but I don't suggest that. You would have a uid for each table that would help to coincide the grades with the user.

There are lots of examples and free libraries to do this:

Search too.
ok thanks but i am having problem with buting the datas in the there no form that can send the datas to my database.
The form has to execute to a script that injects the information. You can use built up classes like ezsql which I use myself.
ok thanks i would try it out.