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Full Version: LeX-: Notification after moderating thread
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LeX-: Could you release this plugin? Smile It's very helpful thing when admin or mod edits many posts Smile
That's an old one =P
Will look if i can find the file somewhere and see what i can do with it =P
LeX- Wrote:/.../
Will look if i can find the file somewhere and see what i can do with it =P

I would be glad if you colud check and release it Smile
Let me know Lex if you don't want to do this cuz I will. It's useful to have something like this.
Found the file; gonna look at it tomorrow afternoon.
Will let you know in the evening if i'm gonna release a new version of it.

100% done =P
Modified class_moderation.php [MyBB 1.2.13] (cause some of the hooks werent at the correct place) + Language File; so you don't have to edit the pluginfile like before =P

This is a beta; since i changed a lot =P

Overwrite the class_moderation.php file
Upload the lang file in your language directory (english included)
Upload the pluginfile and activate ... and test =P
Note; not all moderation actions are included (sticky/unsticky/approve/unapprove == not)
How can I download this and test it?
You would need to subscribe to download any plugins from this site.
A little bug with this great plugin.
Before 189 line must add:
PHP Code:
$info['pids'] = implode(","$info['pids']); 
LeX-, can you update this great plugin for MyBB 1.4.x series?
When 'time' allows it =P