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Full Version: Mybb 1.4 something's up Oo
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Something tells me 1.4 is being released soon.

A little birdie on the Mybb forums told me who was then silenced by a fierce storm ie... thread deletion.

Of course I could be mistaken, and it was a bug or glitch in the system.Tongue
I believe it'll released very soon too
Define "soon".
Well, considering the beta is still pretty glitchy, I can't imagine it's too "soon"! Tongue
I think it will be "soon". hehe
labrocca Wrote:Define "soon".

LOL Tongue
Now that nearly everyone has access to the beta, I'll feel free to explain what I meant:

Someone posted a thread with a screenshot, complaining he couldn't download Mybb 1.4.

Well the screen shot showed the Mybb main page which said 1.4 was released, and to download it here.

The page looked just like the one for 1.2.13, except it was replaced with Mybb 1.4.

This leads me to believe that some glitch occurred and made that page appear well before they were ready.

At the time I thought that Mybb 1.4 was hopefully being released soon. Needless to say the problem was fixed immediately and the thread in question moved/deleted.