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Full Version: Can someone send me the Easy Refer plugin?
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I'm not a subscriber and I REALLY need this plugin, I hate My forum's referral system and having this installed would make life a lot easier at my board, can someone PM or email me the package so I can upload it to my board?
NOTE: I will NOT distribute this plugin, if I do, the mods have the sole right to ban me.

[email protected]
If somebody gives you the plugin then they are distributing it which will get them banned... so you're asking somebody else to get banned for you? Not a fair trade IMO.
I know that, do you think I'm dumb, but this really would make it a lot easier to do referrals, seeing as I have no money for a subscription at the moment.
Labrocca has stated that he is working on a plan on his other forum where a certain number of posts will get you downloads. You might want to look into that, instead of taking the chance of getting yourself or another member banned. No one is allowed to distribute the mods here, no matter the excuse.