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Full Version: Adding Chitka Contextual Advertising to Mybb
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Adsense was quite simple to implement, but contextual advertising seems a bit more tricky.

How can I add Chitka contextual advertising to Mybb and what template(s) need to be edited?
Chitika ads are pretty much the same as Adsense ones.
What template do I add the code to though?

The adsense ads I added to the header/footer templates in addition to using the inline ads mod.

I'm not exactly sure where to put the code for Chitka contextual links.

:Edit: labrocca, your inline ads plugin works fine with this, cool. No need to edit any templates and easy to implement.

Just found out by doing a little testing.
For some reason Mybb doesn't like the Chitka code in the header templates, it messes up the new reply/new thread templates whenever an ad is show on those pages or not.

Is there any other way to get it to display for the whole forum without adding the code to every template possible or adding it to the header?
I seem to still have a problem with this, adding it globally or adding it in the header/footer seems to make the New reply/new thread templates gag.

When the contextual ad code is placed globally or in the header/footer this problem occurs on the New Thread/New Reply page. I take it's because it's trying to display a text link ad where the checkboxes are on the New Thread/New Reply pages: