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Full Version: RunePortal- Runescape Community
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We Are the New Official Runescape Fansite, and we are happy to annouce that we are now Open for Everyone.

I would like to let you all know that we has provided all RunePortal Members Many Exclusive Features:

1. Able to Post,Via Pm
2. Meet Many Runescape Players and More
3. Get all Runescape Resources Need like Guides, and Supports
4. Able to Access Vip Arena - For Premium and Donater Users
5. Able to Join or Host Runescape Events/Contests
6. Get to Meet New Friend and More

#1 New Runescape Fansite Community.
We Bring you Exclusive Runescape Resources like Guides&Information,Tips,Ask for Help,etc

Here: RunePortal
July 05, 08 - Forum Updated

after all the busy week of summer i manage to update the forum looks and plugins

Fully New Features available for Register Members:

7. Game Section has been added ( Few Games being Install )
8. New Theme
9. Bank and Shop Plugin has been added

and Many More

What you waiting for? join us today ^^