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Full Version: Question Re: Logo & Header
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Hi there, I recently downloaded Power Green for 1.2.13, and it works great. However, being really new to all of this, I have been looking for info as to how to change my logo and header (or background colour behind logo?)
the logo image is a png file, i imagine I somehow create a new logo and replace the logo.png file in my files manager with one I create? Not sure if this is correct or not...
And in the ACP index at my site, what is the part of the board called that the logo sits on, so that i can change the colour... I dont want to change the wrong thing.
Sorry if I sound like a complete noob, im a mum of 4, three of them teens, and only just started using a comp recently.
Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated,
You can use any image as your logo. Just go into the theme itself and near the top (in Theme Options) is a place where you can change the name of your logo image (called Forum Logo). You can't miss it. As far as the background color? That is also in the theme. Scroll down to Body and change the Background to either the color of your choice or you can put the url to an image there.
Thank you very much.
Now, for the background, I would just like to change the colour of the header that the logo is sitting on. The rest of the board is really quite fine the way it is.
Also, does the logo need to be the same size as the one there, or can i make it longer? Sorry if the questions seem brainless... it's so embarrassing learning it all for the first time, lol,.
You can make it as big or small as you like. You just have to keep in mind how it will look with the rest of the forum. I'm not aware of a way to change the color only behind the logo, unless you want to create an image that you just repeat across and make the image the color of your choice and put it in the additional CSS for the Body. A few themes do this and it looks pretty good. I'm sure someone else with a good knowledge of CSS might know of a way to specify a different color at the top. I just don't know enough to help there.
Thanks for your input. Smile
I changed the colour of the entire background, someone made a logo for me, and now im totally loving the site Big Grin