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Full Version: I did something stupid (imagine that) :P
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OK, I'm getting my test board ready for 1.4, and I thought I was in the ACP of the beta board, but somehow got in my regular ACP. I started deactivating plugins to prepare for the upgrade and had done a few before I noticed. All of them are fine except for my country flag's plugin. I used a combination of yours Labrocca and Zaher's, but most of my members are unders yours, which was a manual template edit. Well, once I reactivated Zaher's plugin, now everyone has no flag listed in their profile, but their old flag is still showing in their post bit due to the manual template change (so that information must still be in the database due to the custom profile field).

SO, here's my question. Is there a query that I can do that will move all that old flag information into the table that the plugin created, so I don't have to do it all manually, or get my members to redo their flags?

Or have I totally lost you? Tongue
Ok, I finally found where the information is stored in the database. All the country names are in the userfields table. The old fid is 8 and the new fid is 11. How do I transfer that information from one fid to the other? Lex, you're good with queries. Can you help me out here? Big Grin
Can't you just edit the column name in your userfields table ? =P
I would if I knew how! Tongue I don't want to mess up things in there, and I'm not too good at creating queries. How would I do that?

edit: Never mind, I figured it out! Thanks for the tip! LOL
lol...I did that too once where I THOUGHT I was on my test board admincp and I wasn't. That's why favicons are so important imho. Let's you see what window is open even if the pages look the same.
LOL..yeah, unfortunately, there's no real way to make the ACP look least that I know of. Tongue I'll just have to be way more careful in the future. At least I didn't get to the myps plugins. OMG, the horror of such a thought!

By the way, am I going to get one of those neat subscriber badges? Big Grin
You have to change your display group.