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Full Version: Thank you for the plugins!
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I just wanted to say

Thank you for the plugins!

The HTML per user ID plugin is just what I needed.

Thanks again Smile
Yes..that's the real advantage of having me. I am not just some fly by night coder. I actually run a lot of mybb sites. Out of neccesity I need plugins of all kinds. So what I create gets shared here to Subscribers.

I created that plugin because I was using the wordpress bridge and the plugin was porting over HTML. However you can't (or couldn't with 1.2x) set html posting per group or uid. So...that plugin was born. Smile

Glad you enjoy it.
Did you have a plugin where you could add a little image next to the forum name on the index?
Ficons Smile
Thanks mate for the mods. You`re the best. you and Lex-
ciorax Wrote:Thanks mate for the mods. You`re the best. you and Lex-

ditto Tongue
Thanks to Lex & Labrocca for plugins and help