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Full Version: Signature Image Size
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It would be great if we had a way to control the size of the images in the signature. Either automatically resize them if they fall over a certain size, or have the user cp check for size.

Would be great!
Because of the nature of signatures being external's rather hard to resize them. You can do some work with it but most of it is going to add more load than it's worth. You can force an overall signature size with iframes or css.

I suggest you create a site rule about signature sizes and have your moderators enforce it. I have yet to have a real problem doing that. If you let your users know what's acceptable most will follow.
I know I haven't helped out much around here but I guess I'll say thanks to LeX and labrocca for all their hard work by posting a bit of my own stuff. In my forum what I did to achieve this was edited the template in:
Post Bit Templates > postbit_signature
and changing it to:

<hr size="1" width="95%" align="left" />
<div style="height: 250px; width: 98%; overflow: auto;">{$post['signature']}</div>

Change 250 to whatever height you want max =)