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Full Version: Usertitle question on my forum.
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For the user title I am trying to add a copyright or trademark symbol to my usertitle and it won't accept it by using the original methods such as ( c ) for © and ( tm ) for ™

Is there anyway to do this for user titles?
© =>
& #0169;

â„¢ =>
& #0153;

Use the ASCII-codes (without the space between & and #)
Thanks I appreciate it, I'll try that instead. Smile

Any reason why the other method doesn't work for user titles?
What's your character set for the site and your database?
Usertitles don't like HTML i suppose
labrocca Wrote:What's your character set for the site and your database?

It's UTF8
My site has a LOT of users with special characters as names and usertitles. I am not sure why you are having issues.
I tried what LeX mentioned and it worked, just the other way of inputting it doesn't.

The original method of adding these characters by placing a "c" or "tm" in between two curly brackets doesn't work for user titles. Wink

Works at Talk Nintendo....I just copied and pasted the character.
I'm not sure but I think you misunderstood me. There are two ways of adding these symbols in Mybb.

I can either do what LeX mentioned which works or there is another way by placing the letters "tm" or c in between two curly brackets as such: ( c ) or ( tm ), the example is spaced or else I would get it's characters © and ™.

The former method LeX mentioned for user titles works, but not the latter.
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