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Full Version: A new user with questions
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Hello, I was linked to this forums from the MyBB community forums. I am trying to implement a currency system onto my MyBB forums, and am looking into the MYPS plugin.

Some questions I had:

Quote:Q. Is MYPS free?
A. Yes.  We do not plan to ask for payments on the core MYPS install.  Some features may have a small fee if used for commercial gain such as the Paypal modules we plan.
Could someone clarify the "core MYPS" and how it differentiates from the paid/subscribers version of MYPS? What additional features are available?

Also, I see that customers are under a 1 year subscription. If I decide to cancel my subscription after 1 year, are my plugins consequently canceled? Or are simply future updates/versions non-downloadable?

My questions apply to all plugins as well, not only MYPS.

Thank you for taking a look.
Since that was written, Labrocca has changed his forum so that you must be a subscriber to get any of his plugins. If you only subscribe for a year, of course you can still use the ones you downloaded during that year. You just won't be able to download any updates and can't expect to get the same quality support as you would as a subscriber.
Thanks for pointing that out. I will immediately change it.
Thank you for the replies. I plan to subscribe within the next few days. Smile