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Full Version: Can anyone help me to install mybb on my website?
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Hey, i have been searching for a fast and good looking free forum for 3 months now... i have checked phpbb and SMF i liked SMF but i could not really manage it ... i installed phpbb and it was a total headache.While i was browsing through i found mybb and got my attention to it .. but at the moment i dont have a very fast connection and i need someone to install mybb on my website. If anyone can help .. please post here...

Plus: i am not installing it on a free hosting site. I purchased a domain and some space over the internet.
anyone :S?
Well, I can upload all the files for you quickly enough, but then I think you can take over and do that actual install yourself. I would just need ftp details.
yeah i just need u to upload the files for me Smile ftp the files for me Smile can u do?
Like I said, I would need the ftp details.
Sure Smile i will pm u Smile
Upload is complete. Have fun! Wink
Thankyou Smile
how is your board? Smile is everything fine?