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Full Version: [r4] Extra Safety Check On Registration
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That's the reason I disabled it, it was case sensitive. Could probably fix it easily but I couldn't be bothered.
thanks installed
The case sensitivity is why I ask a question that has a number for an answer, like:

"How many days in a Leap Year?"

Answer: 366

Then you don't have to be concerned with case.

great plug-in, much needed!
thanks! Smile
Thanks man, will be useful.
Excellent plugi Thanks
Works perfectly, thanks again!
This is just what I need! Spambots are starting to infiltrate my forum... Thanks your for the Plugin Smile
Hello, I had this plugin & it worked great Smile
Now I change mmy forum skin & the question has gone from registration page. Sad I check all settings & it is activated etc. Does anyone now why it would dissappear after new theme installation?
Because the code for it won't be in the templates anymore. See what was added to the member_register template on the other theme and add it to the new theme.
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