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Full Version: MYPS finance charges
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This is directed at both Labrocca and Lex (mostly at Lex, since I know you're good at whipping out a plugin really fast Tongue). Neither of you are probably interested in making something for 1.2 but thought I'd ask anyway. Maybe you'll like the idea enough for 1.4. Either way, here is my idea.

For members who don't visit or post enough that after a certain amount of inactivity, they get charged a certain fee (through MYPS) on a monthly basis until they get active again. So if someone stays away for a year and decide to return, they've lost a chunk of their sort of offsets the bank, since if they come back after a year, they will have a huge interest. This fee will keep that in balance, at least IMO.

If either of you is interested, that's great! If not, oh well. Wink Just thought I'd ask.
I like that idea.