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Full Version: Subscription Question
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Unfortunatly, I do not have a credit card, but I DO have a PayPal account.

Is there a way I can send you the money, without using the subscribe link (which requires a CC or Bank Account)?

Well if you have enough funds in the account you should still be able to subscribe.
Currently I only accept from the subscribe link.
@CoDPlay3r: PayPal says I need to verify my PayPal account to subscribe. I lved in Australia before, and moved (don't need to verify to send money if your account is Australian).

That is too bad Sad
I do have a similiar problem, an my Paypal account are still 28 USD, but when I click the subscribe button I do get the information that only creditcards are accepted and/or I do not have enough money on my account. Is it really necessary to register a credit card if I do have enough money on my account?
I believe because it's a subscription that yes...they want a CC. You may want to contact paypal to see why exactly it doesn't work. I been curious myself as I don't see why you can't signup and pay with your current balance.

EDIT: I just looked and are you sure you are choosing the option to pay with paypal and NOT a credit card? You should be logging into your existing account and NOT entering CC info. The subscription page looks like it's asking for CC info but you can bypass that.
Yes I´m asked to log into my account, but afterwards Paypal needs the CC informations.
There is one sentence on the page that makes it clear:

Abonnementzahlungen können nur über Kreditkarte gebucht werden.

Means, as you said, subscriptions only available with CC. Sad but true
Hmm...I tried to see before if there was a setting on my account that disallowed non-verified payments but so far haven't found it. I will give it another look because it could be my account is setup that way.
ok, waiting for any news then
i dont have a credit card, and paid with funds from my paypal balance, without problems?
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