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Full Version: Beywiki, the Beyblade Encyclopedia
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For those of you who don't know, Beyblade is a strategic spinning top game released by TAKARA-TOMY (formerly TAKARA [タカラ] at the time of release) in 1998. You can customize your Beyblade by taking it apart and exchanging parts between various models. Doing this, you can create a Beyblade built to exhaust its energy quickly with fierce attacks to knock the other Beyblade out of the stadium, hold its ground with heavy weight and materials such as rubber and and metal, or survive many attacks by stealing spin and using lightweight parts. Beyblades are shot into a plastic stadium and left to do battle. Because there is no control once the Beyblade is shot, the game is primarily one of preparation; the parts you use and how you shoot your Beyblade are the keys to victory.

The line was suspended back in 2004 due to poor sales, but has been revived with the new series METAL FIGHT BEYBLADE this year.
Doing this, you can actualize a Beyblade congenital to bankrupt its activity bound with angry attacks to beating the added Beyblade out of the stadium, authority its arena with abundant weight and abstracts such as elastic and and metal, or survive abounding attacks by burglary circuit and application failing parts

bayblade is for nerds and mostly kids