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Full Version: Elo plugin for use with MyPS
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I'm planning on subscribing soon so I can use MyPS. I plan to use MyPS as a ranking system, not as a currency, so I was wondering if it would be possible to somehow implement the Elo Chess rating system into MyPS.

Here is a PHP class for Elo:

Here is an Elo calculator:

Granted, I'm sure that my $5 isn't really that much to you, but ... this would be an amazing plugin for me, and combined with MyPS and the upcoming medal system would be an amazing way for any gaming website to rank their players.

If you could automate reporting wins/losses and make some sort of history for that available, that would be mind-blowing!

I hope you will consider my suggestion.
It does not seem I have attracted much consideration with my opening post ... I thought it best to talk a little more about what I want. Maybe if I am more specific about what I am looking for, I can garner more interest.

What I am looking to do is alter MyPS from a "money" system into a "ranking" system. No points will be awarded for posting, PM, etc. Nothing "costs" points. They will only be rank.

How it would work is that a player who beat another player in a match could click a link in the opposing player's profile reporting the victory. The losing player would recieve a message saying something to the effect of "{username} declared victory against you. Confirm loss?" Once the loss was confirmed, the player rankings would be adjusted accordingly. Let's do an example.

Labrocca has a ranking of 1640.
Lex has a ranking of 1600.

Lex defeated Labrocca in a match. He goes to Labrocca's profile on MyBB and clicks a button that reads "Declare Victory".

Labrocca recieves a message reading, "Lex has declared victory against you. Confirm?" Labrocca would select the Confirm link. A pop-up window would appear reading:

Lex defeated Labrocca.

Lex +18 (1618)
Labrocca -18 (1622)

In a Battle History link in Lex's profile, anyone could check Labrocca's battle history. For example, this would appear on a line:

August 31, 2008: Lex defeated Labrocca. +18 (1618)

There would also be a "Rankings" page, which would just essentially be a list of all the members sorted by and displaying their points.

Now, let's talk about what would be on the administrative side of things.

Obviously, I would like to be able to manually apply battles. For example, a field where I could enter:

Winner: Labrocca
Loser: Lex

(Labrocca gets his revenge!)

And it would automatically update the players.

I would also like to be able to undo matches and to be able to freeze individual player's points or dock them points, and otherwise manually edit them in ways that are pretty standard.

I am getting fairly desperate for this plugin so I am considering paying for development of it if nothing else can be arranged.

Not only would this plugin be great for me, it would be great for any site where the members play against each other in any competitive game.
Sorry missed your original post.

Sounds like what you are requesting is very specific to you and not sure it would benefit the overall mybb community. In such cases I do custom paid work. My fees are reasonable though.

What you propose I can certainly code as a mybb plugin. Probably $60-$100 depending on what features you want.
Hi Labrocca ... thanks for your interest. I'll PM you.