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Full Version: question about a mod/addon or hack
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hey there
can someone help me with my forums? i need some things i hope to get here.
first of all some sort of gallery mod. i mean a thread that can only used for photo uploads and so on. not only as attachments i mean that shows something like a slideshow. possible or not?
I've once made one for MyBB 1.1.7, but it never went "public" =P If i find a lot of time, i will try to upgrade it for 1.2.* series.
I plan on making a gallery mod if one isn't available in a few months.
instead of a mod, can´t you just download a gallery and link it on your header area? There are plenty of free ones out there that are pretty good. In fact, if you have cpanel on your host server, you may have a free script for one already there.
Yes Kevin you can do that but they are not bridged with mybb so they can share user base. Optimally it would be nice to have a perfect coppermine bridge for mybb or a stand-alone gallery for mybb.
yeah..fair point. I thought coppermine was bridged, but after just checking their site, it was SMF, which is what i used to use.