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Full Version: My site for autistic children to meet
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Any suggestions would be helpful!!
Lie the site, and love how it's for a good cause. But, I have one quick question. On your forum there's a section for 6,7,8 years old to come and post? Don't you think that's kind of young?
Yeah I agree, how many 6 year olds will understand how a forum works??

And the colour scheme is a bit bold.
I like the layout, especially the buttons. The message behind the site is also quite good.

I hope it will work out well for the site~

Where is the forum link? I can't see it, it just only the Website.


Oh I see it now, I wonder what will be this site in future....
Hey cool, I'm also autistic but I'm not a kid. Near site. I also have my own on the subject nothing as nice.