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Ok, im not sure i can explain myself very well, but long story short i just got my new forum set up and was getting ready to go in and make some adjustments to my post count(im transferring from another forum thats why the post count adjustment) Any way i adjusted the post count and re set my password, and now here is what comes up when i try to access my forum. /home/freemybb/public_html/mybb14/inc/languages/dutch/shoutbox.lang.php does not exist Can anyone please help asap. If im gonna have issues like this, im hesitant to switch to this style of forum. Thanks all.

Oh ps, heres the original message after i made the adjustments
Quote:404 - Page Not Found!
We couldn't find: /mybb14/index.php?

The forum you are looking for cannot be found!
Usually the simplest cause of this is you forgot to add /index.php to the end of the forum's URL.
Try adding /index.php to the end of the URL and see if you can access the forum.
If that doesn't work, we may have deleted the forum due to a Terms of Service Violation or due to inactivity.

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/home/freemybb/public_html/mybb14/inc/languages/dutch/shoutbox.lang.php does not exist

You need to make that file added the shoutbox plugin but haven't followed the instructions...
Thanks for the response, i greatly apprecaite it. But i cant even access my board, my admin control panel or anything, Any suggestions?
You just need FTP. Again follow the instructions provided by the author of the plugin. This isn't a mybb central plugin.